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FP Canada™ Financial Planner

Information about the qualified financial planner of certified financial planner you are complaining about.

In fairness to the Certificant you are filing a complaint about, we may share some or all the information you provide with the Certificant. We may give copies of documents received from you to the Certificant. We may also share personal information (such as names, addresses and telephone numbers) with the Certificant. The Complaint Form will be provided to the Certificant whose conduct is the subject of your complaint.

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Note: If your supporting documents are voluminous, you may send copies of the relevant additional documents to us by mail (please do not provide original documents, please provide copies) following submission of the complaint.

If you are sending additional documents by mail, please send to FP Canada Standards Council 902 – 375 University Avenue, Toronto, ON M5G 2J5, and note above in the ‘Your Complaint’ section that additional documents will be forwarded by mail.

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If you are making this complaint on behalf of someone else, please let us know. FP Canada Standards Council requires that person’s name and contact information. In addition, FP Canada Standards Council requires written authorization from that person in order to proceed with our review of the complaint. The Standards Council will contact you, upon receipt of the complaint, to obtain additional authorization.

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Additional Information

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Acknowledgement, Authorization and Signature

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Terms and conditions

I HAVE READ, UNDERSTOOD AND AGREE THAT the FP Canada Standards Council™, will share some or all of the information and documentation received from me and from others during the Initial Review process and the subsequent Investigation (if applicable), with:

  • The FP Canada Certificant complained about;
  • Witnesses contacted by the Standards Council during the course of the Initial Review process and during the Investigation (if any) as deemed appropriate by the Standards Council;
  • Other regulatory bodies; self-regulatory organizations; professional bodies; law enforcement agencies; other credentialing or licensing bodies; and
  • Entities with whom FP Canada or its Divisions have Information Sharing Agreements.

I UNDERSTAND THAT the Standards Council may not be able to process my complaint without supporting documents and that the Standards Council may require additional information from me, in order to complete its investigation.

By completing and forwarding this Complaint Form to the Standards Council, I HEREBY AUTHORIZE the FP Canada Certificant complained about to release:

  • Relevant financial information and documentation/information in my client file, to the Standards Council as requested during the course its review or investigation or as otherwise becomes necessary.

I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT the Standards Council will share this Complaint Form which includes my personal information and contact details, with the FP Canada Certificant complained about including documents attached to the Complaint Form.

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